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Due to development in production technology in every single branch served by us, the requirements for refractory materials has changed. Research & development programs enable us to offer a very diverse range of refractory materials dedicated to particular branch of metallurgy.

Individually and in collaboration with national and international research institute centers we conduct research and development to:
- improve our products,
- develop new qualities,
- analyse reasons of our products usage,
- select refractories to meet specific work conditions od thermal devices.

As part of the R&D we conduct tests for the chemical, physical and technological properties, including refractoriness, corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance, abrasion resistance, and many others.

próbki wyrobów ogniotrwałych po badaniach odporności na korozję dyfraktogram rentgenowski wypalonego wyrobu wysokoglinowego  



We have own R & D Department with a well-equipped laboratory, whose functioning allows us to create appropriate recipes and enables to the produce refractories of very high resistance to thermal shock, abrasion (by translocateing dusts) and aggressive chemicals.

Moreover, we offer the possibility of testing refractories after their finished work in thermal devices. This ability allows us to precisely analyse and to consider the reasons of usage of the refractories. The results of tests allow us to even better adjust ourselves to the customer's needs.

Direct contact with the customer, mutual exchange of opinions, knowledge and experience allows us to permanent development, to improve the operational parameters of the manufactured products and to create new material solutions. In this way we can also expand the range of applications of our refractories, as well as burnt and unshaped products.

R & D is a very important area of our business. This is the basis of our strategy of continuous innovation and development.

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