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The materials we manufacture are indispensable elements of linings for all devices operated at high temperatures.
They can be applicated in various industrial sectors, such as:

iron and steel metallurgy

The iron and steel metallurgy is one of the largest consumers of refractory materials with a wide employment of aluminosilicate materials. Variable operating conditions, impact of numerous factors destructive for the refractories, as well as high resistance to high temperatures are causes why the employed refractory materials have to fulfill many parameters and highest quality requirements. Our wide product range with many qualities finds applications as working or safety layers in the following
thermal devices:

  • blast furnaces and their heaters,
  • pouring ladles and hot metal transport ladles, among others including Torpedo ladles,
  • hot metal mixers,
  • casting ladles and tundishes,
  • electric furnaces,
  • tundishes,
  • any type of heat treatment furnaces.

The qualities we offer include among others: chamotte qualities NORMATON AW, NORMATON A35, polychamotte quality SUPERTON A40, with increased abrasion resistance EXTRATON A35S, andalusite quality ANDALUX A60, bauxite quality BAUXITEX B80, as well as mullite quality MULITEX AL72 and others. Besides that there are numerous types of mixes, mortars, as well as standard, low-cement and special castables.
Our special offer consists in full sets of shapes for siphon steel casting (hollowware systems, ingot systems) comprising qualities: SUPERTON A40L, MULITEX Al50, ALUTEX Al66L.

aluminium and non-ferrous metallurgy

For the aluminium industry (primary and secondary process) we offer especially modified chamotte refractories, insulating materials, bauxite refractories and precast shapes from castables. They are used in the following devices:

  • Electrolytic Cells,
  • Anode Baking Furnace,
  • Melting and Holding Furnace.

Supplies of refractory materials for the manufacturers of copper, lead, zinc and nickel cover various materials, depending on the devices used and process conducted. They are chamotte materials from the NORMATON, EXTRATON qualities, poly-chamotte materials from the SUPERTON quality, materials with increased contents of Al2O3, ANDALUX A60 andalusite materials, as well as special refractory castables, mixes, mortars, as well as from the insulating quality ISOLUX.
Those materials are used as safety, insulating or working layers in: shaft kilns, flash smelters and electric furnaces, anode stationary and rotary furnaces, sintering furnaces and fluidized bed ovens, converters, ladles for transportation of liquid metals and other thermal devices.

power and heat generation industry

Utilization of refractory materials in the power industry results from the execution of the power manufacturing process at a high temperature and under abrasive conditions of translocateing dusts.

The refractory materials we offer possess a high abrasion resistance in the conditions of the operating temperature. They are among others chamotte refractories NORMATON A35s, EXTRATON A30Zr, highalumina refractories ABRAL BCW.

Besides that there is a full range of castables starting from the standard PCOCAST BOS135 to lowcement castable PCOCAST BN145 and ramming castables with SiC in the BNSIC30 quality and the MTSIC 35 castables for spraying.

coke industry

One of our company’s specializations are aluminosilicate refractory materials for complex erection of coke batteries. For many years we have executed projects for the largest coke plants in Europe, including batteries with the capacity of around 750 thousand tons of coke per year.

Our product range includes the lining of the aluminosilicate section of coke batteries that covers the area of regenerator and its filling, the hearth of the battery and its roof. Refractories we manufacture from the qualities of SITONEX KS2, NORMATON A35, NORMATON BS, and NORMATON AS are also used for linings of gas passes, lighting kilns, RESIMAX KW2 chimneys, as well for installations of dry coke cooling. These qualities are equivalent to E65, KA40 and KA30, according to German Norm DIN 1089-2. For the lining of coke wharfs, a special RESIMAX KW2 quality is used with increased abrasion resistance. Besides that insulating refractory qualities ISOLUX L10X and ISOLUX L8S provide excellent insulation for individual fragments of the lining.
Excellently equipped Designing and Mechanical Department of our company guarantees the design and execution of most complicated shapes with preservation of short lead times.

Besides the execution of large projects, we provide the full range of products for running and hot repairs of specific zones of coke batteries, including precast castable shapes PCOCAST for chamber doors and PCOLIT mixes for hot repairs.

glass-making industry

Very high requirements and repeatable quality, as well as dimensional specifications, are fulfilled by materials offered for the glass-making industry. The specific character of glassmaking and construction of furnaces for its melting requires utilization of the purest raw materials and a high technological regime during manufacturing.

Our offer includes refractories for:

  • insulating layer in a glass tank from the qualities: ISOLUX L10s, ISOLUX LA10s, ISOLUX LA12s, ISOLUX LAK10, as well as roof from the qualities: ISOLUX L6s, ISOLUX L8s, ISOLUX L10s,
  • bottom plates from the qualities of ANDALUX A60H and MULITEX Al62,
  • large-size blocks from the qualities of SUPERTON A40t, SUPERTON Al44,
  • burner and peephole shapes,
  • feeder covers,
  • lining of walls and filling of regenerators and remunerators from the qualities: SUPERTON Al44, ANDALUX A60H, ANDALUX A65H as well as MULITEX Al62 and MULITEX Al72.
cement and lime industry

Rapid development of that industry, together with the increasing utilization of secondary fuels in the production processes, requires utilization of refractory manufacturing technologies and methods that fulfil requirements posed to them.

The range of aluminosilicate refractories for the manufacturers of cement and lime among others includes verified material solutions from the qualities of: MULITEX Al72, MULITEX Al62, ANDALUX A65, ANDALUX A60c, BAUXITEX B62Hc, BAUXITEX B80Hc, as well as chamotte qualities SUPERTON Al44, EXTRATON A30s and EXTRATON A35s belonging to the group of products modified towards an increased abrasion resistance.

Moreover, in our production program we have insulating refractories in the following qualities: ISOLUX L6s, ISOLUX L8s, ISOLUX L10s and a high quality material ISOLUX LA10s that are a perfect solution for the insulating layer in that type of kilns.

For all the above mentioned refractories, mortars are also recommended in the qualities of: MORTALEX ZAL70, MORTALEX ZAL60, MORTALEX ZAND, MORTALEX ZSz0, MORTISOL ZL and MORTISOL ZLA10.


The above presented material solutions are used in:

  • lime burning kilns: shaft kilns, rotary kilns and Maerz type kilns,
  • in individual installations for the manufacture of cement clinker: preheater (system of cyclones and calciner), rotary kiln, cooler.
ceramic industry

The varied ceramic industry includes many kinds of furnaces for firing, thermal processing or drying processes for ceramic materials.

The wide range of refractory materials and special products proposed by us find utilization in further devices as individual qualities, e.g. chamotte, high-alumina, andalusite materials or systems of KORMAX chamotte-cordierite quality solutions and installation shapes.

Such solutions include refractories for the lining of:

  • tunnel kilns,
  • cars for tunnel kilns,
  • kiln furniture for kiln cars for firing of building bricks, roof tiles, sanitary ware and tableware,
  • chambers and burners,
  • high-temperature dryers.

Tunnel kiln:

Piec tunelowy Tunnel kiln

Construction diagram of kiln car:

Złożenie wózka piecowego - wykaz elementów
chemical and petrochemical industry

The chemical and petrochemical industries use refractory materials adapted to their specific requirements and manufacturing processes.

Selection and application of the materials consist in a very accurate recognition of their operating conditions with regards to the operating temperature, aggressiveness of the atmosphere, variable process parameters, as well assurance of adequate thermal insulation of devices.

That is why for every refining device, chamotte materials are offered from the SUPERTON quality, PCOCAST refractory castable and special aluminosilicate gunning mixes from the PETROGUN1200 quality, and others. High-alumina insulating refractories from the ISOLUX LAL9 quality are also offered.

industrial chimneys – acid-resistant refractories

One of the fundamental groups of materials manufactured by PCO „Żarów” S.A. are refractories resistant to inorganic acids in the following qualities: RESIMAX KW1, RESIMAX KW2, RESIMAX S4.

Those materials are used for the construction of chimney installations for removal of combustion gases in each industrial branch: power engineering, metallurgy, chemical industry as the covering of inner linings of chimney ducts and also in every application where refractory materials are exposed to the impact of acidic working environment (with pH values of 2÷7).

Our many-year experience with the manufacture of numerous various and complicated shapes from acid-resistant refractories was proved by the execution of projects both in Poland and abroad, including chimneys with heights from 80 m up to even 200 metres.

Within the scope of engineering we offer, we propose our designing support to optimize prepared solutions, selection of adequate shapes, and modification of the existing ones in view of their resistance properties used in the constructions of chimney installation brickworks.

manufacturers of fireplaces and heating stoves

Combining the advantages of our many-year tradition with modern solutions, we have for many years made refractory elements for the lining of fireplaces and heating stoves from chamotte and andalusite qualities.

The diversity of shapes and good execution create unrepeatable possibilities for the erection of fireplaces according to individual model designs that give the customers the impression of uniqueness and beauty.

Moreover, specific properties of those materials, good heat accumulation and resistance to thermal shocks enable many-year utilization of such fireplaces and their utilization as a source of heat for house warming.

In order to secure an even higher comfort from the utilization of fireplaces and their aesthetic execution, new elements of outer linings have been developed and implemented that are made from the EKOCAST 38FL chamotte castable that gives them even better useful properties.

waste incinerators

Problems of the waste management and requirements concerning the environment protection give rise to the growing demand for waste incinerating kiln units.

Provision of an efficient burning process in very aggressive operating conditions under the influence of chemical, thermal and chemical influences requires application of verified and high-quality refractory materials.

Solutions suggested by us are operated in individual devices of waste incinerators, among others in rotary kilns, melting chambers and in burner zones.

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