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The beginnings of the company reach the middle of the 19th century when in the area of Żarów deposits of refractory clays were discovered. It gave rise to the first chamotte brick plant which was opened in 1850 and it took name of 'Żarowska Fabryka Szamotowa K.Kulmitz' (K. Kulmitz Chamotte Plant in Żarów'). Local raw materials were used in the production process and the good quality of its products used to attract customers both from Poland and from abroad.

During its long history, the plant changed its owners several times. Among others it belongs to 'Didier Werke AG' concern, being one of the front plants from the refractory branch in the territory of Poland. 

In 2003 the privatized company changed its name to Polska Ceramika Ogniotrwała "Żarów" S.A. (The Polish Refractory Ceramics "Żarów" S.A.). The contemporary times of the company are determined by goals of continual improvement of the product quality through consistently implement, usually fast modernization process that had included all production divisions from the automation of the mix preparation division to the purchase of new tunnel kilns with a full control of the firing process.

PCO Żarów przed laty PCO Żarów przed laty

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